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main characters: Eric himself
archived, retired comic - in English only

Eric Fox starts this page out by rightaway telling us, that from August 2000 until April 2001, he self-syndicated his weekly comic strip Some Freaky Tuna to a few college newspapers, alternative newsweeklies, and web sites. He eventually had to give up this endeavor in the interest of actually graduating some day (He was also working full-time at that point).
So there you have the story why he stopped making these - though, really... I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say, that there is NO valid answer to why he stopped making these.
Some Freaky Tuna is awesome, endearing, hilarious and weird. It constantly fuzzies up the tender balance between a personal and ofttimes touching revelation, and the kind of confession some weird drunk guy in the park might bother you with that'll get you running for your life. A lot of folks won't be able to decide, when reading these comics, wether or not to laugh at them or get a restraining order.
I say check it out. This comic just plain rules and maybe, if we all spam Eric methodically with compliments, he'll do another comic for us and restart the series... worth a shot, right ?

Click here to read "Some Freaky Tuna" for yourself