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I'll have to be brutally honest here, and it won't be the proudest moment in my unprofessional comics career.
I was late in discovering Lenore for the first time. Yes, I'll say it honestly. I was late. You have no idea how sorry I am about that, but fact is, I didn't discover Lenore until the second album, Wedgies, came out. Bad me !
(I couldn't help it, the dog ate my homework, the bridge was open, there was a traffic jam, aliens took my grandmother, ...)

I take a little bit of comfort in knowing I was the first of the people closest to me, even the ones that try to stay well-informed of the comic book industry and even the underground scene, to discover it, and that American underground comics always take longer to get even slightly well-known in Holland, but still. There is no valid excuse: I should have known about Lenore from day one and loved it straight away.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, first of all, shame on you !! But it's ok - as I said, I was late in discovering it, myself.
Lenore is a cute little dead girl. In an awesome comic strip. By Roman Dirge.
Roman Dirge himself has been compared to Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton and other masters of the macabre.. yeah, now you're getting closer to what Lenore is.
It's kind of pointless to write a review about it, because so many already have, but I hope at least I can correct my own long-lived ignorance of Lenore's existence by making other people aware of it who otherwise wouldn't have known about her. is the site that showcases Lenore and other projects by Dirge. It's easy to navigate, it looks awesome, and wether you know Lenore or not, you should check it out. Go now. Go !

Before you're too late.

Click here to visit for yourself