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STRIPNET STRIPLIEFHEBBERS FORUM - Dutch comics- and animation forum

I can't guarantee a really objective review of this forum, let me state that first of all. This forum is definately my favourite one out there, and no doubt that kind of taints my judgement. But I'll make sure to try and state my case for it as objectively as possible, as well as try to find downsides to the initiative.
This forum hasn't been in existance for more than a few years, but already it's crawling with comics celebrities, Dutch and (some) foreign. In addition, some of the most active comics journalists of the Benelux, as well as several animators and other people in the field, plus a multitude of small-press creators and comics fans, are active there.
Now, yes, there are other forums like these as I've described it so far. But first of all, not many - and how many of them consists of people who are actively HELPING each other, and trying to make the comics scene much more friendly for 'newcomers' as well as each other, and are constantly trying to think of ways to get the general public more involved ? Where also loads of fun links and news are exchanged, and all kinds of discussions are going on in a very friendly, welcoming way ?
I guess you can see my enthousiasm. I've been a reasonably active member there for over half a year now (registered as StatusNil, and no, I'm not giving you my damn password) and it's been a great time already. People like Jean-Marc van Tol, Hanco Kolk, Jean-Paul Arends, Jeroen Mirck, Rob Derks, Floor de Goede, Hans Buying, but even myself and Gregory Cathalina, are regularly present there.
The forum is also constantly taking on a bigger and better shape. When I joined they basically had a forum messages section, a message archive, and a main discussions section called 'De Stamtafel'. By now they've also split up a section where two comic artists or journalists or otherwise working in similar fields can have a personal discussion in their own thread without people interrupting (with very interesting results), a special section with loads of information and advice for new AND established creators, and even a seperate thread with tips on how to use the forum. And in the near future, several other interesting sections will join as well (I've been told).
So what are the downsides ? Well, the Ezboard technology behind it isn't always completely reliable or fast (although bugs and server speed have improved greatly in the past half year, I noticed) and the discussions are all in Dutch (for now). There are also a lot of insider discussions and jokes going on that may not be clear to new people joining.
But if you can read Dutch and want to be involved in the comics scene here, or just want to read the things your favourite creators are talking about amongst one another, just take my word and go there. You won't regret it.

Click here to surf the StripNet Stripliefhebbers Forum for yourself