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STRIPSTER FORUM - Dutch comics forum

The StripSter Forum has a colourful history amongst several people, and is definately to some the Goliath against the Stripliefhebbers Forum as David. I can't honestly confirm any stories some people tell about it (and about StripSter itself) since it's all kind of before my time and seems to mostly involve clashings of personalities, so of course there are at least two sides to each of these stories. Sufficient to say that this forum has a certain reputation elsewhere.
I don't think it's completely deserved. The people running StripSter and the forum seem to mean well, and the majority of the audience that goes and/or posts there are friendly and often even quite knowledgable people. My only beefs with this forum consist of the drawbacks: that you can't edit your messages later (for corrections etc.), that it's occasionally buggy (albeit rare), and that several people there sort of ruin it for me. I don't like forums where some members post under a gazillion different names, or where fights and flame wars easily occur due to big egos, such things. And in all honesty, I've seen these things happen here. Which tainted the experience for me, but not enough to occasionally check in AND post whenever appropriate.
Still, a lot of interesting things are discussed there, great new ideas often form, and as mentioned, the majority of the people posting there are laid-back, friendly, and easygoing. A big difference with the beforementioned Stripliefhebbers Forum is that a lot of fans, and visitors of StripSter, post there, so you get a lot closer to the comics audience. The Stripliefhebbers Forum is more a meeting of creators and other people who are professionally active in the comics field (which is just as importand and just as fun).
There are a few returning features on there, for instance you'll often see the people from Dutch underground-magazine Mudhoen posting there about getting drunk, and a guy called Salomo weekly posts his verdict there about the new edition of comics on StripSter, with the inevitably ensuing stream of reactions to that.
In short, although for some reason it competes actively with 'the other forum', it's a pleasant place to go, so feel free to check it out.

Click here to surf the StripSter Forum for yourself