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STRIP TEASE - Chris Daily
main characters: Max, Alli, Rachael, Emily, Tommy, Chip, and many more
attempting to be a regular comic - in English only

Strip Tease is a very well-loved comic strip on the web with an ever growing and very loyal fan base, and has been for years now. If I can say anything about it, it's that.
I could also crack a small joke about the irony of the creator's last name, since the strip goes from no-updates-for-months to a nice daily schedule and back again, exploring the whole greyscale of irregularity while still continuing brave attempts to be a daily comic strip.
I could point out that this is a comic strip about doing a comic strip, with a clever pun as title because of that. Because we barely ever get to see much of anything of the comic that so much blood, sweat and tears are poured into.
I could tell you that this, most of the time, is yet another college comic strip. And I could tell you loads and loads more, but the truth is, the site tells you nearly everything you need to know in a very userfriendly navigatable way already, and considering the size of its fanbase, odds are you've at least already heard of this comic before.
So what can I tell you, then ? I can tell you that, despite the fact that the style doesn't appeal to me much (though I should point out Daily has an irresistable way of drawing large breasts in very tight t-shirts), that this is a pretty enjoyable comic. Don't expect the plots to make sense, and don't expect the storyline to move fast, and especially don't expect regular updates. If you keep all your expectations at home, Strip Tease will guarantee you a great read, especially if you read it all from the start.

Click here to read "Strip Tease" for yourself