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THE ELIXIR - White Fang
main characters: Lynn Kay, Max Montgomery, Jacques de Molay
summary: 29-year old Philadelphean attorney Lynn Kay gets involved in a murder case that seems to involve a youth elixir and is somehow related to 1312 A.D. France events.

Page-turning suspense, revolving around the question of eternal life and aging. I am inclined to say, 'if only it was drawn'.
This is more a novel than a graphic novel: the story is illustrated with photo's and such, and there's music in the background, and other components that set it apart from book-published novels, but in the end, that's what it is. In my honest opinion, it walks a fine line when it defines itself as a graphic novel.
But hey, who am I to say that it isn't one ? It's a great piece of work, and I recommend checking it out.
Unfortunately, it's Yet Another Unfinished Web Product, so don't hope for a finished story here. I think it's mostly interesting to check out when you're someone when the question of what is and isn't a graphic novel interests you. Decide for yourself.

Click here to read "The Elixir" for yourself