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THE GIFTED - Stan Rice
main characters: The Reporter, Pyre, Solomon, The Hunger
summary: Reporter stumbles upon proof of very unusual human beings, and all hell breaks loose.

My first response when i read this, is 'Great. Another ambitiously-started but bled-to-death web comic.' In many ways, The Gifted is just that.
But I wouldn't be fully fair. Stan Rice has a nice style going, and the various computer effects used in the images make for a nice comic. The story starts off well-told and you reach page 18 before you realise it.
But, then you do realise it. By going back to the main page, you can read page 19 as well, but that's it. And the comic seems to be deader than a dodo since April 2000. Not very promising to those who hope for updates.
The verdict ? A nice comic to flip through when bored online, but nothing really new, and frustrating to those who like finished stories.

Click here to read "The Gifted" for yourself