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THE WEAKLY HERALD - Victor Schwartzman
main characters: Gordon Stone, Philips Slothead, Ruth Schwartzman, Terry Heron, Dan Quayle, Mike Hanchuk
summary: Stone wins $1.3 million in the lottery, and decides to use it to prove he is a good manager. He gets five (other) professional misfits together in a Collective and they start on a newspaper. The articles tell the reader 'in between the lines' what goes on behind the scenes.

This graphic novel is original, and at times, even funny. To tell the tale through the newspaper issues is a nice given (be it that it's been done before) and Schwartzman exploits it nicely.
However (you knew there had to be one) it's not the best that could be done with this starting concept. I think especially the more intelligent audience will feel slightly insulted by the writer's comment that the behind-the-scenes events lie in between the lines. The newspaper articles are about as subtle as Benny Hill, to be frank.
Nonetheless, the stories are amusing, and not unimportant, accessible to everyone. If you've got enough time to kill and are easily amused, you have to check this one out.

Click here to read "The Weakly Herald" for yourself