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TINO NAUWELAERTS - Belgian cartoonist / comic artist

I'll have to admit, I've never heard of Tino Nauwelaerts before. But he brought his site to my attention, and though I can't say I like everything on it, this site undeniably has several merits.
His style varies: there are several cartoons and comics that look very amateurish - though still not really bad - and yet there are several there that can measure themselves with pro work.
The humour also varies: it's mostly either a bit corny or a bit 'shocking' (I've seen worse, but it's definately a tad more over the top than most mainstream comics) but there are also several really good ones here - IMHO.
Personally, I think he still needs to work on some of his styles and on his sense of humour, but that once he improves in those fields, we might have a new pro, destined for at least some level of fame, on our hands here. Keep an eye on this bloke, folks.
Tino also asks for feedback on his site so don't be afraid to give him some pointers of your own if you visit this site ! He took the feedback he got from seriously enough to move from a GeoCities site to an own domain, and set up the site differently, which I think are both great improvements on the previous version.
Another bit of feedback he took to heart was provide some sort of translation for the Flemish in his comics, which means everything on his site is now perfectly accessible to anyone who can read either Flemish or English.
I wrote the first version of this review shortly after Tino contacted me, and I've had to revise almost everything I said about the site. So the least I can say about Tino Nauwelaerts is that his site's progress has been very impressive.

Click here to surf the 'Tino Comics' site for yourself