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VERN & DERN - Stephen Francis & Rico
main characters: Vern, Dern, cousin Earl, aunt Amy, Blue (the dog), nephew Elmo, some aliens, some Men In Black
appears mondays / wednesdays / fridays - in English only

Vern and Dern. Stereotypical names for a couple of redneck porch-sitters, aren't they ? Well, guess what ? Vern and Dern are porch sitters - or 'porch philosophers' as they are sometimes referred to in this comic.
They definately seem to be country boys, and the comic does pull quite a bit of hick humour. That doesn't mean that this is a backward piece of comic art, hell no - Vern & Dern is a nice, accessible, colourful, funny comic.
Its update rate is pleasant - a daily schedule might make for a lot more lame jokes, and for a weekly update this comic might not appear special enough to a lot of people, so a mo/wed/fri appearance keeps the audience and the quality on board.
I can't really say much bad stuff about this comic. Some made me laugh. Others were so corny they also made me laugh. I like this one - it's not the most thought-provoking comic in the world, but it makes for good entertainment, and the artists are talented enough for this comic to end up syndicated if this was a fair world.
I recommend getting hooked on this stuff.

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