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WULFFMORGENTHALER - Wulff & Morgenthaler
main characters: The Toucan Kid, Dick Bird, insane man who never played [insert name of sport here] before, Werner
appears daily - in English only

What can I say about ? Only that it's GENIUS stuff in my own opinion..
There is a strong current in comics all over the world right now (mind you, I mainly only have knowledge about European, American and Japanese comics) where artists are taking experimental trips into the absurd. Comics like Gummbah's work, Slow Wave, Red Meat, The Parking Lot Is Full, Scribbly, the comics of De Bedenkelijk Kijkende Grondeekhoorn (now continued as FrietKaas), Kamagurka's comics, to name a few, are all wandering into the field of the absurd, far-fetched and bewildering humour, and doing a very good job at it.
I've noticed this current before, but it's just becoming more and more popular over the years. I once typecasted it as "attempts to make every comic that very surely hasn't been made yet", and that best describes it still, in my opinion. I personally think it's great, and when I read the comics on, I knew I had found yet another representative of this style of humour and art.
If you're into any of the above mentioned artists, odds are you'll enjoy these comics as well. That really is about all I can say about it.
Well.. maybe a bit of extra info wouldn't hurt. Though I think based on what I already said, you should simply just check it out anyway.
The comic is quite irregular in theme and occasionally vulgar, but really awesome. The artists handle any topic they feel like, and occasionally let a steady character re-appear. As there are: the Toucan Kid, a guy that's 28% bird. A sleazy salesman called Dick Bird who'll consistently find the strangest scams to pull on people. Werner, who most of the time gets himself na´vely into one leathal situation after another. An insane man, who jumps around naked with, most of the time, a tennis racket sticking out his butt, making a mockery of all top sports.
Is this comic great ? Yes, it is.

Click here to read "WulffMorgenthaler" for yourself