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ZONE 5300 - Dutch/Belgium comics magazine

Zone 5300 started in October, 1994, founded by Robert van der Kroft and Tonio van Vugt, and quickly became one of the most insightful and well-informed comics magazines in the European industry - at least to my, and many other readers', opinion.
It discovered at an early stage many now established comics, and bimonthly hosts many original works. It has featured Fokke & Sukke, Ray Man, Maaike Hartjes, Spekkie Big, Boerke, and many many others.
It's the finger on the pulse of underground comics, self-published artists, and alternative comic magazines. It also hosts sharp reviews of movies, books, and internet sites. (They haven't found this particular site yet..) If you like the European comics market, and want to be 'down' with the current events in that culture, you may want to read the magazine religiously.
The website has been designed to resemble the layout of the magazine a lot, without losing track that a website is made for the screen, not for paper. It has some nice material on there that can also give you a good idea what you could find inside the magazine. If you're curious yet, go check it out. If you already know Zone5300, the website will only add to the experience.

Click here to surf the Zone 5300 site for yourself